The Original Sensational Showmen

The Original Sensational Showmen
National Guard Armory-Concordia - 1965

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sensational Showmen at Turtles Concert in Sioux Falls, SD June 26, 1967

The only picture of us playing at the Turtles Concert in Sioux Falls, SD. This photo turned up in a collage of photos from Sad Lad and the Mourners, who were on the same concert billing. Many thanks, Wille!
Left to right: Dick Grube, sax; Paul Justyna, sax; Ron Balderston, trumpet; Phil Pfister, lead guitar; Larry Jackson, bass guitar; Not pictured was Mike Srite, hammond organ; and Robin Hood on drums (hidden behind the equipment, but they were there! This picture shows our "state of the art" PA sound system and Kustom amps.

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