The Original Sensational Showmen

The Original Sensational Showmen
National Guard Armory-Concordia - 1965

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Noblemen

The Noblemen, 1965 from left: Jim Anderson (partially visible) on bass, Frank Wright, Landis Dibble, Randy Rahberg

I was in a band called The Noblemen in the 1965-67 time period. We had no recordings or anything, just played dances etc. Basically we weren’t very good, but we had a good time. We just did cover songs, nothing original.

Regular members were myself on guitar, Landis Dibble on drums, Frank Wright on guitar, and Clint Laing on electric piano. We started out with Jim Anderson on bass. Other bass players were Blair Honeyman and Michael Brunton.

We played in the Topeka area, and traveled as far as Alma.

The pictures I have are ones that Landis’ mother took when we played for the parents on their back patio.

Randy Rahberg

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More old popular ballroom pics

Spearfish Pavillion, Spearfish, SD

Skylon Ballroom, Hartington, NE