The Original Sensational Showmen

The Original Sensational Showmen
National Guard Armory-Concordia - 1965

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Sensational Showman are mentioned under Hatfield, MN

When you think “Minnesota,” you might immediately picture the scenic North Shore or the bustling Mall of America. But Minnesota is much more than that. The Land of 10,000 Lakes is peppered with small communities, and Little Minnesota spotlights 100 towns with populations under 100. Each entry features folks who know what it means to help their neighbors and locales that range from quaint to historic.

Jill has been working on Little Minnesota for the last few years. The project began as an effort to recall the history of Strandquist, MN, the small town where her father, Jim Musburger, began his coaching career. Excited by the fascinating stories she found there, she continued on to other small towns in the area, eventually covering the whole state in search of the tales and characteristics that make each little city so special. The 100 towns represented are now “around 100″ in population after the 2010 census, as some of them have grown, bucking the trend of metro migration of the last few decades.

Each town has a photo gallery, a story of how and why the city was founded, and where it stands today. When you read about these little places, still alive and well in most cases, you will want to see them for yourself. Enjoy the journey with us, and then plan your own visit to see what makes each town unique. You will find everything from a top-class steakhouse to fabulous pies to a biker bar or two. These are quiet places, away from frantic traffic (harvest time excepted), noise, and bright lights — cities where you can still see the stars.

Publication date: November 28, 2011 from Adventure Publications.

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