The Original Sensational Showmen

The Original Sensational Showmen
National Guard Armory-Concordia - 1965

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Fabulous Apostles

"Sad Lad and the Mourners" was a 7-piece horn band that formed in the late 1960's. The group consisted of college students Willie Bertsch(vocals), Gary Swanson(drums), Ken Huseboe(trumpet), Sam Hasegawa(sax), Rod Anderson(guitar), Al Christopherson(bass), and high school student Gerry Moore(keyboards). This was about the time horn bands were becoming very popular, led by the Flippers, Red Dogs, the Mob, and others. Soon they changed their name to The Fabulous Apostles after a popular group by the same name out of Kansas had broken up and their new booking agent, James Reardon & Associates, picked them over seven other bands that had sent a demo tape. James Reardon was able to expand their playing area in the Midwest.

The Apostles toured with some of the top rhythm & blues horn bands of that era, including the Fabulous Flippers, Roarin Red dogs, Spider and the Crabs, Rising Sons, and many more. They were advertised on KOMA. In 1968, before a crowd of 10,000, they won the "Battle of the Bands" in Sioux Falls. The band played all the area ballrooms, including the Hollyhock, Arkota, Surf, Roof Garden, Showboat, Ruskin Park, and many, many more. Willie Bertsch and Sam Hasegawa still perform in the Sioux Falls area as the "Apostles Jazz Standards Band".

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