The Original Sensational Showmen

The Original Sensational Showmen
National Guard Armory-Concordia - 1965

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A quip from Ron Balderston

I pulled this old post from the Yahoo group while the 2009 induction was in process. Since there were 3 different Sensational Showmen groups in Kansas from 1964 to the early 1970's, Ron did a good job of clarifying that the Concordia group was the original group and had actually been the group that made the name "The Sensational Showmen" popular and well-known. Thank you Ron, for this excellent posting.

From: baldy60ron

Subject: [KS_and_KC_GenOne_Rockers] Re: The Sensational Showmen-Concordia to Parso...To: KS_and_KC_GenOne_Rockers@yahoogroups.comDate: Saturday, November 15, 2008, 11:27 AM
Hey guys, my name is Ron Balderston and I was lead singer & trumpetplayer for the original Sensational Showmen "back in the day"! Itstruck me funny to see the times of your posts this morning. Once anight owl always a night owl!I can appreciate the dilemma you are faced with and am honored simplyfor the consideration. If you look at Bills post on Oct. 31referencing an archived post I had made on another website you willget a sense of who and what we were. We did establish the name of theShowmen, performed extensively thru-out Kansas and the midwest. Weadvertised heavily on KOMA radio the last year or so of our existence.As a bunch of high school, or recently graduated kids we knew we hadreached the pinnacle when that first ad played over the airwaves!!!Ha, what great times those were to see the crowds growing bigger andbigger as we became better known and certainly more accomplished. Wewere booked out of the Dark Horse Inn and Jim kept us on the run. As amatter of fact, after my parents passing recently I had to clear outthe safe deposit box and in it was a copy of the summons for breach ofcontract from James N. Reardon & Associates, naming the Showmen underthe leadership of Ron Balderston as defendant when we came home in themiddle of our 1967 summer tour. We were not well networked and whentwo of our original members gave notice we simply returned home topursue our careers or education. It occurred to me when Chris, (SEK Showmen), stated in some post alongthe way that they were approached to take on the name and addedmembers to become a Rhythm & Blues Horn band, that it had been anestablished name and reputation. The group from SE Kansas no doubtmade an impact in those days and much to their credit they continue tocontribute today. My guess is they are very deserving of inductioninto the Hall of Fame.I was told a couple of years ago by a dear friend that our group wasgoing to be put into nomination. I started trying to get caught up viaa couple of different websites and saw then the potential confusion.I, like Chris, new nothing of another Sensational Showmen as I movedout of state in 1969 and currently reside in Boise, Id.No worries!!! Chris and the guys have lobbied hard. Our group was outthere on the circuit with the likes of The Blue Things, The Red Dogs,Spider and the Crabs, of course The Flippers. We did well, we had amarvelous following and I am sure got the most out of our abilities.Of course you always wonder "what might have been"!! When I think of the days of hauling all of our gear in u-haul trailersto buying and customizing our bus, and finally having a custom builttrailer and our big ole Suburban to travel the midwest, not to mentionlugging that heavy Hammond B-3,(wish I had it today), all of ourKustom Amps and one of the biggest & best PA systems available, in andout of different venues every night it makes me tired, but then I amold now!! I feel I can speak for the rest of the guys when I say we are humbled,thrilled, and greatful for your consideration and appreciate themanner in which you are trying to resolve this confusing issue.Founding members were;Robin Hood...Drummer- --Concordia, KsPaul Justyna...Saxophone ---Concordia, KsLarry Jackson...Bass & Vocals (Note) Larry is deceased---Clifton, KsBob Burns...Guitar- --Concordia, KsPhil Pfister...Lead Guitar & Vocals---Clifton, Ks.Mike Srite...B-3 & Trumpet---Concordia , Ks.Ron Balderston.. .Lead Vocals & Trumpet---Clyde, Ks.Others along the way;Dick Bokius...Drummer- --Salina, KsDick Grube...Saxophone- --Kearney, Ne.Ray McComas...Hammond- --Concordia, Ks.I apologize for the extremely long post.Respectfully,Ron

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